Nick Davenport is released from prison for robbing a car and his wife Amanda waits for Nick to bring him home. She tells that she is pregnant and leaves him at the Be Brite diner since Nick has scheduled an encounter with his brother Patrick Davenport. When the police officer Will comes to the dinner, he notes that something is wrong and he goes to the toilet. He contacts Lieutenant Barnes and tells that a heist is taking place before the scheduled hour. Then he sees Nick hidden in the room and he tells that he has called the police, and Will gives his name to Barnes. Out of the blue, Will is shot in the head and Nick is brought to the diner where there is a hostage situation. The British criminal Derrick and the gangsters Billy and Aaron have stolen clients and a safe and Derrick has taken an HD from the safe. When the negotiator Jeff Porter arrives, Lieutenant Barnes tells him that Nick is responsible for the heist. Nick becomes a pawn in a deadly game where the award is an HD. What is the secret of the wanted HD? More at


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